Track Your Pallet

Shipping your goods from Avebury to Zurich

Shipping your goods from Avebury to Zurich

Shipping is a process and you want to be sure that your goods are in the best hands every step of the way. National Pallets can help you get your goods under way with same-day pick up from any business address. Next, a tracking number is provided to your email letting you check the status of your shipment from collection to delivery. Pack your pallet well to ensure safe delivery. Here we take you through the shipping process from packing your pallet to the safe arrival of your goods.

Packing your pallet

At National Pallet we ship full, half, quarter and oversized pallets. Check out our page on pallet sizes for more information. It is essential that you measure the dimensions of the goods you are sending in order to be charged correctly. Be careful not to overhang items and be sure to pack bottom heavy, as good weight distribution will keep your items upright and secure throughout truck changes. Your palletised items must be well secured using either straps or shrink wrap. If you do not own a pallet one can be brought over by the collection company for a small fee of £12.50. Make sure your driveway is made from either concrete or tarmac. A pallet pump truck will not be able to move over gravel.

Same day pick up

If you book before 11 am we offer same day pick up. This means peace of mind for any business delivering goods to demanding clients. Every delivery will go out as soon as possible, every day as needed. Collections can be made from 9am until 5:30pm.

Check our page for delivery estimates

On our site we keep a current list of what others are sending from throughout the UK and one of our European destinations. We also list the prices for those deliveries so you can make a pre-budget for your business and check our great rates against the competition. Seeing what others are sending will give you an idea of what can be sent by pallet. Our FAQ page has detailed information.

Check the delivery status of your package

From the moment your pallet has been collected you’ll be able to see where it is, every step of the way. We send you an email with the tracking details, but if you prefer you’ll also be able to log into your account or type the number into our website.

Once your shipment has arrived at its destination it will be signed for. We make the process of shipping easy from helpful information on our website, to having your pallet ready for same-day pick up, and reliable delivery.