Send an Oversized Pallet with National Pallets

What is the best pallet delivery service for oversized pallet delivery?

National Pallets is the leading pallet delivery service specialising in oversized delivery in the UK. Our aim is to make sure your oversized pallet delivery is as convenient, reliable and affordable as possible. If your pallet is outside our standard dimensions, it is considered oversized. We have three oversized pallet delivery options to choose from - Quarter, Half and Full Oversized Pallets.

We are experts in shipping big and oversized goods throughout the UK and internationally. We understand that shipping an oversized pallet can sometimes be a daunting prospect, especially to a small business transporting saleable goods from A to B; that’s why we’re here to help with any questions or queries you may have, every step of the way.

Our easy-to-use order process makes booking really straightforward and our excellent customer support offers total peace of mind. Whether you’re shipping an oversized pallet locally or overseas, we are here to help you choose the right delivery option for your needs.

When you choose National Pallets, you’re getting a world-class service that allows you to effortlessly track your pallet from collection to delivery. Get a pallet quote today using our handy quick quote tool above. Select your preferred delivery option and let us take care of the rest!

Please Note:

  • We cannot supply an empty pallet for oversized goods.
  • If the pallet is over 2.1m in length, the pallet will need to be forklifted to and from the vehicle.

Oversize Pallet Sizes

Full Pallet Half Pallet Quarter Pallet
Oversized Full Pallet Oversized Half Pallet Oversized Quarter Pallet
Length (120cm) Length (120cm) Length (120cm)
Width (100cm) Width (100cm) Width (100cm)
Height (120cm) Height (100cm) Height (80cm)

What else you need to know...