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Winter Pallet Advice From Your Seasoned Pallet Courier

Winter Pallet Advice From Your Seasoned Pallet Courier

What Type of Pallets Will You Be Using This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a dynamic time, where goods are constantly in flux. Pallet couriers will be in constant motion, driving from location to location and picking up Santa’s slack. The eclectic bag of goods that need to be delivered require a diverse set of pallets. Here is what you need to know about pallet types before shipping this holiday season.


Shipping during the holidays always reaches new highs. It seems like every year there are more and more presents and supplies that need to find a new home. Considering the inordinate amount of weight that will be transported over the holidays, couriers and companies will want to be using pallets that won’t break down under the weight of all that anticipation. This holiday season will see metal and aluminium pallets step into the limelight. These types of pallets are primarily used for shipping heavy goods or for air-freight and sea transportation. They’re also extremely durable and can be stored outside for long periods of time without much if any damage to the integrity of the pallet.

Wooden Pallets

No matter what time of year it is, you’re sure to see at least a few wooden pallets sprinkled throughout the warehouse. Their durability and price make them a courier favourite. The only downside to these pallets tends to be their weight. Apart from their weight, wooden pallets are the all-around most versatile option on the market. These pallets are widely manufactured in all different shapes and sizes. Their universality means that most warehouses are equipped with the proper apparatus to handle a multitude of wooden pallets efficiently.

Plastic Pallets

The winter months can do some pretty brutal damage to shipping supplies. Luckily, plastic pallets are designed to withstand any snow or hailstorm that they have to contend with. Plastic pallets are no-slip, won’t be adversely affected by humidity, and don’t easily break under extreme pressure. If shipments will be exposed to the elements, plastic pallets are your holiday miracle. Over the busy Christmas period, be sure to get your deliveries out as soon as possible. National Pallets offer a range of delivery and collection services across the UK and Europe, along with a free handball service and free insurance.
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