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What to Ship by Pallet Type | Pallet Delivery Service

What to Ship by Pallet Type | Pallet Delivery Service

If you ship fruit and veg on a daily basis you might not want to use the same type of pallet as you would to ship engine spares. Shipping is a huge process, from finding the best deal on transport trucks to getting all of your customs forms in order. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is to partner up with a reliable courier service that can guide you through the whole process from start to finish. If you frequently ship goods it might be wise to keep a small supply of pallets on hand. There are more kinds of pallets than most people realise, and choosing the right type of pallet for your delivery needs can save you money and potential problems down the road.


The standard wooden pallet is what most shipping companies use. These pallets are practical for a number of reasons. First, because they’re cheap to manufacture and secondly because they’re cheap to repair. If one of the planks is broken a new one can easily be nailed on. Furthermore, these pallets can be ground into wood chips and eventually recycled into other products. A big advantage you have for using these pallets is their strength, these pallets can be loaded with up to 1000KG of your goods. This makes them perfect for items like car engines or even a motorcycle, which can be strapped on securely.


There is a downside to using wooden pallets, and it, like so many things, comes down to the weather. A cold and damp climate – sound familiar? – can encourage mould and bacteria to eat away at the wood. Bacteria in turn might encourage insects to make nests and once nature has had its way these pallets are no longer very hygienic. This is most relevant for anyone who’s storage facility is partially outdoors. Plastic pallets cost more, and carry less weight, approximately 750kg, but they can be left to the elements and they won’t pick up microbes along the way. These pallets can also be easily washed, which makes them perfect for shipping produce where hygiene is of the upmost importance. It’s always good to do as much research as possible, but when you’re starting a small enterprise or you send goods to an Amazon fulfilment centre you might be best off checking best practices with your local courier service – see our FAQs here.

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