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Shipping a Pallet – What’s to Know? | National Pallet

Shipping a Pallet – What’s to Know? | National Pallet

As a business one of your primary objectives is to offer top-class customer service. This involves delivering the right goods to the right place at the right time, sometimes easier said than done! On top of this, you need to factor in ensuring the goods reach your customer in perfect condition. If your products are heavy and/or large you need to consider palletising the load. Similarly, if you have an assortment of products that are going to the same place putting them all on one pallet will keep the load together (great for European pallet delivery).

You need to make sure all products are protected (use wrap and strong boxes) prior to being loaded onto a pallet. The pallet should then be completely covered with shrink wrap. This needs to be wrapped around the load and the base of the pallet to keep the load together and stable. Pallets are designed to take the weight of heavy or grouped products and moved from shop floor to warehouse to freight transport via a fork-lift truck. When a fork-lift truck picks up a pallet to move it from A to B the pallet will tip, hence the need for the pallet to be securely wrapped, so the goods cannot roll off and end up all over the floor. If goods arrive on a damaged pallet the customer should make a note of this and mark it on the paperwork. 

Packaging a Pallet Correctly

If you are looking to send an assortment of goods on one pallet you should make sure each package is securely wrapped or boxed and then labelled before being loaded onto the pallet. Pallets can be secured with strapping for extra protection. Heavier goods should go on the bottom layer, with more fragile items placed on the top. If you are seeking a quote for European pallet delivery you can contact National Pallets to check if there are any size, weight or height restrictions. To make the load secure it shouldn’t overhang the footprint of the pallet. If it does, you’ll need to book space with us for two pallets (so that we can safely accommodate your load). You must remember that a fork-lift truck can only lift one pallet at a time, so although you are booking for two pallets for space purposes, your load must still be wrapped securely on only one pallet (the additional space booked will accommodate the overhang).


European Pallet Delivery With National Pallets

Call us today for more information! Organising European pallet delivery can be daunting but our friendly, experienced staff are here to help. We’ll ensure your goods receive our full attention and care from the moment of pickup to the moment of delivery.