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Four Tips for Preparing Your Pallet | National Pallets

Four Tips for Preparing Your Pallet | National Pallets


Have you chosen us as your pallet courier and requested a pallet? If so, when we arrive, you will have about 10 minutes to get your items on the wooden pallet, and everything will go smoothly if you follow these tips in preparing your items beforehand.

Tip 1: Measure It

Make sure all your items can fit within the dimensions of 1 by 1.2 metres without overhanging by more than 25 millimetres in any direction. This is the size of the pallet we will arrive with, so be prepared. It cannot weigh more than 1,000 kilos or be more than 2 metres high.

Tip 2: Pack It

You can't pile a bunch of loose items on a pallet, so box them if possible and wrap them in plastic to create a tidy package (or several) that can be stacked. Have your ratchet straps and extra plastic to hand so that when the driver arrives, you can secure everything quickly. The driver will get the packed pallet onto the truck, but will not necessarily assist in getting your items onto the pallet, so you need to be able to handle the process yourself.

Tip 3: Support It

If you have anything that isn't flat on the bottom, get a supporting structure of some sort. A piece of carpet, an old tyre good for awkwardly shaped items, even heavy cardboard will do, as long as nothing can get loose.

Tip 4: Time It

Our beloved lorry drivers have a tight timeframe they work within every day. This is why the pick-up window seems relatively small. But if you've followed tips 1 and 2, those 10 minutes will be plenty for you to get your goods on the pallet, secured, and on their merry way.

Plan and rehearse, and you can get it all done safely and securely in 10 minutes or less.