Prohibited and Restricted Items

A prohibited item is defined as any consignment, or part thereof, containing items the transport, handling, import or export of which is prohibited under any applicable law, rule, convention or regulation.

Please note

Engine delivery (all engines), gearboxes and other car parts are safe to be shipped through National Pallets providing they have been fully drained of all oil and fluids.

Unfortunately we unable to transport any items that fall within the following categories. If in any doubt whatsoever, please contact us with any queries you may have regarding single pallet delivery.

Depending on the countries of origin, transit, and destination, the following items may be considered prohibited, whether you are sending a single pallet delivery or not. This list includes, but is not limited to:

Special Notice: Glass, in part or in full, is not covered for damage.

Item UK EU
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{{ prohibItem.Description }}
{{ prohibItem.CanSendDomestically ? "Yes" : "No" }} {{ prohibItem.CanSendInternationally ? "Yes" : "No" }}

Restricted Items

The below items are deemed restricted.

Dependent upon the countries of origin, transit and destination, examples of items that could be defined as Restricted include but are not limited to:

{{ specialProvItem.Description }}

No Compensation items:

The following items (or any item similar in description or content) can only be carried on a no compensation basis on any service.

Any person sending such an item does so at their own risk:

{{ noCompItem.Description }}

Items requiring more information:

The following items (or any item similar in description or content) can only be carried if the description is altered by the customer prior to completing their order.

Any person sending such an item may be subject to their ordering being cancelled without notice and does so at their own risk potentially negating any parcel compensation:

Please note we are more than happy to carry these items in the more info section - we just need a clearer description (assumes the clearer description is not an item in the no compensation or prohibited list of course).

{{ moreInfoItem.Description }}