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What to Know About Customs No No’s ӏ National Pallets

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Pallets allow for the safe transport of items from engine spares to eBay returns. With pallet shipping businesses can diversify their deliveries without having to spend extra.

Pallet shipping is a huge operation, the collaborative gears must be oiled in order to run smoothly. From drivers who know the best routes, to a team of experts who can help you with customs documents. National Pallets deliver across 17 countries within the EU and have the network of drivers and expertise to support businesses through a sales rush or busy season.

While we do say you can ship most things on a pallet, certain countries have strict import laws. Reading up on the rules and regulations is one way to avoid problems at the border. Rejected deliveries can cost big, from losing money to losing clientele.

Here are some of the main items to be weary of when shipping overseas.



Germany is a great reference as our clients frequently send goods to and from Europe’s most industrialised nation. Alcohol is permitted at most borders, but like with Germany, a detailed inventory must be presented. The exact alcoholic strength in percent, the size of each bottle, the number of bottles and each bottle’s value most be well documented. Pure alcohol, Absinthe and Methyl are strictly forbidden.


When shipping large quantities of foodstuffs, tea, coffee and tobacco, an equally detailed inventory must be presented at the border.

Common household items and electronics

Eau de toilette and perfumes fall under the foodstuffs requirements. Electronic devices such as computers, media devices and physical media like CDs and DVDs must show a serial number and a proof-of-purchase date. Common hazardous goods like aerosols and certain handcrafts are permitted in limited quality.


Guns, Drugs and Pornography

Can’t ship any of those! This also includes more innocent paintball guns and soft rifles.

Don’t pack animals on pallets unless they’re plush, plastic or print or stuffed !


Pack your pallet well and strap your goods securely. Keep a detailed inventory and simply avoid shipping hazardous items you doubt will make it across the border. If you would like to know more or have any questions in regards to the items listed in this article, please do get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk you through each item in more detail.