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Restricted and Prohibited Items for Pallet Delivery

Restricted and Prohibited Items for Pallet Delivery


There are different guidelines when it comes to transporting alcohol and meat products across borders. If you are thinking about shipping these items, there are a few things you should know first.

Import regulations are different for each country and noncompliance could result in issues and delays. A delivery that has been stopped at the border could be a stressful ordeal, costing you money, time and energy.

In order to avoid error you will want to familiarise yourself with the regulations regarding products that could be dangerous or prohibited.

Restricted Items

The specific restrictions depend on your destination country. For certain countries all you will need to provide is a licence or other official document and to follow quantity guidelines.

Here are some regulations for shipping alcohol and tobacco products in Europe:

  • Alcohol. Inventory documents must contain the volume and size of the bottle as well as the alcohol percentage.
  • Tobacco. Amounts should be verified with the customs office of each country. If you plan to ship a very large quantity it must be declared and follow all importation regulations.

Similar regulations apply to importation of tea, electronic devices and aerosols. To be on the safe side, always verify the quantity allowance.

Prohibited Items

These products are absolutely forbidden for pallet delivery (and freight distribution in general) and should not be palletised under any circumstance:

  • Drugs
  • Living creatures
  • Engines and other automotive parts that have not been fully drained of all liquids
  • Flammable gases and radioactive materials
  • Pornographic materials

For more information head over to our delivery services section and check the restricted items for all European countries. If you have any doubts about certain products or materials, contact us for clarification. We can help ensure your shipment can be cleared by customs to reach its final destination.

Please click here to view our up-to-date list of restricted and prohibited items.