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What do people look for in a pallet?

What do people look for in a pallet?

Modern Materials Handling Warehouse (MMH) has provided insight into what pallet purchasers in the US look for when considering their pallet options. As a premier provider of pallet courier services throughout the UK and Europe, we thought we’d share the findings.

The survey in question allowed readers to choose from over a dozen different factors contributing their decision in choosing a pallet.

Purchase Price 60.9%

Unsurprisingly, the majority of those asked considered the price of a pallet to be an important factor when selecting a palle. Though while we all place a degree of importance on the price of any item we’re considering buying for our company, pallet users also understand that a quality pallet will, in time, pay for itself.

Strength 55.6%

eaders rated the strength of a pallet as an important feature. The whole purpose of a pallet is to support a large amount of weight. Pallets perform their purpose to perfection, having been built to keep their structural integrity regardless of the burden they must carry.

Durability 54.5%

There would be very little reason in purchasing a pallet if it wasn’t reliable after a few uses. The longevity of a pallet was the third most important reason someone would make the decision to buy a certain pallet. A pallet must have the ability to endure through loads of weight as well as the elements. The conditions that a pallet will face should play a major role in choosing a pallet of a certain material or make.

Reusability, Cost Per Use, Recyclability < 50%

The remaining reasons provided to magazine readers were all chosen by less than 50% of readers. Reusability was chosen 44% of the time, while cost per use came next with 30%.

As far as pallet material goes, 91% of responders said they would use wooden pallets, followed by 37% for plastic, 15% for wood composite, and 5% using metal.

If you need to send something that’s too big for a parcel, use a pallet. Contact National Pallets today and we’ll be happy to help with your questions.