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How to Protect Your Winter Pallets | Shipping Services

How to Protect Your Winter Pallets | Shipping Services

Game of Thrones allusions aside, winter is in fact coming. Perhaps you won’t have White Walkers to contend with, but the weather of the colder months poses its own unique problems to pallets. Keeping pallets in good condition is important to any business that needs regular pallet pickup and delivery. The best way to combat the weather is to make the appropriate preparations.

Everyday Check-ups

Before the use of a pallet, inspect it to ensure its quality. Cold weather, repeated use, heavy weights, and moisture will lead to the deterioration of every pallet, no matter its material. Checking the quality of pallets allows you to make the proper changes in order to prevent any further deterioration. It also means of course that you can be sure that goods will come to no harm during transit.

Find a Dry Place to Store Pallets

Wooden pallets should always will be stored in a dry area. The quickest way to harm your pallets is to store them in moist environments, so make sure they are dried and kept under a dustsheet if they could otherwise be exposed to water – especially if they are kept outdoors. If they are kept beneath a dust sheet in a cold area, they’ll also need to be quickly wiped down once in a while so that condensation doesn’t collect and become a problem.

Consider the Material

While all types of pallet material are vulnerable to the elements, some materials will be able to stand up against mother nature better than others. If you already know that pallets will have to tango with wet weather, maybe the best preventative measure is to use a plastic pallet or metal pallet. Alternatives to wooden pallets can be more expensive, but they can also longer lasting.

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