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Launch of No Lift Pallet Mover | Safety in the Workplace

Launch of No Lift Pallet Mover | Safety in the Workplace

If your business has operations that depend on hands-on work, fast and reliable pallet delivery, and the efficient use of limited warehouse space, manoeuvring empty pallets in and around that floor space is as commonplace as it is necessary. But while pallets are crucial to businesses all across the UK and beyond, helping them to effectively store and deliver goods of all shapes and sizes, they need to be properly handled and managed.

With this in mind, the engineers at Engineered Process Solutions in the US have recently launched the No Lift Pallet Mover. The tool is designed to decrease any risk of injury to warehouse staff by placing nearly all of the weight of a pallet on the tool, helping them to quickly and neatly shift pallets across the floor with barely any physical effort.

The mechanism is simple and allows employees to safely and quickly move empty pallets. All you have to do is place the empty pallet on to the pallet mover – it is designed for a snug pallet fit, ensuring that it doesn’t don’t fall off while being moved – then once the pallet is securely on the transport tool, just push to wheel your pallet to its new destination.

By wheeling around pallets in an upright position, you can easily access places in the warehouse that might otherwise be too narrow or difficult to reach. Furthermore, widespread use of such a tool will greatly reduce the risk of staff experiencing back, neck and muscle injury, which costs UK businesses over 30 million days of work a year. This is in the region of 40% of all days that are lost in the UK as a result of ill health.

These handy warehouse tools only require one person to operate and can be used to lift both wooden and plastic pallets. They will make pallet delivery, pallet maintenance, and pallet logistics a much more efficient and pain-free for both pallet couriers and warehouse workers.