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New Year and a new business strategy ӏ National Pallets

New Year and a new business strategy ӏ National Pallets

If last year’s business model worked, is it worth switching things up in the New Year in order to increase growth? As a small business owner you’ll be faced with many high-risk decisions from choosing whether or not to use new management systems to changing your billing strategy. No one can escape mistakes, but if you want to grow you need to keep moving, full steam ahead. Mistakes can and will hit your business hard, but unless you learn from them and use your knowledge to overcome new challenges you’ll be held back.

If last year’s productivity increased exponentially, you don’t have to change everything to put new strategies into play. Next year, for instance, can be focused on improved logistics and a more effective shipping budget. Partnering up with a reliable courier service that can advise you on affordable shipping practices can mean more profit and better efficiency driving your company into the next year. Here are some tips to tweak an already successful business model for better efficiency.

Resolve, together

For some reason we all leave resolutions to the New Year, so go with the flow and resolve to make positive changes for the upcoming year. But don’t do it alone. You have a dedicated, driven team under you who are full of ideas of their own. Employee input can generate some of the most constructive ideas you may never have thought of on your own. Listen and resolve to implement.

More team

Employee incentives are little ways to keep people happy and motivated. Nothing drives your business without your staff, so keep reminding them of the valuable contributions they make. Choose surprise dates to give out bonuses, and organise out-of-work team-building activities like sports that also promote health to keep spirits high.

Better logistics

When you’re inundated with orders you’ll still need to deliver on the dates you’ve promised customers through your online communication. The holiday rush means your company won’t be the only one with a downpour of orders. Delivery services will likely be overwhelmed by increased volume, so you don’t want to wait until three weeks before Christmas to find a suitable courier. Build a relationship with a trustworthy delivery company right from the get go. Good communication channels will lead to less confusion and happier customers in case anything does get jammed up.

Logistics is more than sending a package from one location to the next. Logistics is about planning ahead for a more efficient, reliable business model that will set your company on a constant path toward growth.