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National Pallets to Sponsor Danny Webb in the BSB Championships

National Pallets to Sponsor Danny Webb in the BSB Championships


National Pallets is excited to announce our upcoming sponsorship of motorcycle rider Danny Webb in the British Super Sport Championships!

Danny Webb was born on March 22nd 1991 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. He made his world champion debut in 2007 when he was only 16 and his career really took off in 2008 when he found himself in the top five of the entire competition.  

As we enter into 2015 Danny is part of the Colin Appleyard racing team. In recent years he has also worked with a number of racing teams including Red Bull MotoGP, Mahindra and Ambrogio. He is currently riding a Yamaha R6 600CC bike, but will be using a Kawasaki 650CC bike in his upcoming TT Isle of Man race where he is entered in the lightweight class.

Danny’s next event, and the first with our sponsorship, will be the British Super Sport Championships which will take place in Donnington Park over Easter. To find out more about the event please visit for tickets.

Check out our exclusive interview with Danny Webb and learn more about what he does, and what drives him to do it. This is one of the most exciting years in his career and we are pleased to be a part of this rising star’s journey to the top!


What are the biggest challenges you face in Motorcycle racing?

The biggest pressure I always put on myself.  I like to do myself proud also I don't like to let my team, sponsors or supporters down.  If you can turn this into a positive it is a big advantage.  So I would say that is one of the biggest challenges. 


Are you required to follow a specific diet during your training?

 I do have a special diet to help with my fitness training always need to make sure I am strong and have lots of energy.  It is not just all salad I eat a lot of meat, fish and veg. 


 What is your usual fitness regime when preparing for a race?

 My fitness is in the gym 2 or 3 times a week and the other times I will be out on a bicycle either off road or on road.  I just like to keep fit in general anyway.


 What has been your worst Motorcycle injury to date?

 My worst injury was last year.  I was racing in Ireland at the Ulster GP.  I had a big crash and ended up in ICU for a few days.  My injuries were 4 broken ribs, punctured lung, broken foot and ankle, broken collarbone and a broken shoulder blade.  So this has been my worst so far. 


 At what age did you begin riding?

 I started riding when I was 4.  My first race was when I was 6 at a local moto cross meeting on an automatic 50cc machine.   


 How did you become passionate about the sport?

 I suppose it is all I really know and I fell in love with the sport and bikes from day one.  It's like when people are in love with their girlfriends.  To me, motorcycle racing will always be first in my life.


 What has been your biggest Motorcycle racing achievement to date?

 I would say I have 2.  I am the last ever 125cc 2 stroke Pole Position holder in the Moto GP World Championships and also in 2014 doing my first year at the Isle of Man TT and coming home with 3 bronze and 1 silver replica and lapping at 120.9 mph over a 37.5 mile track.


 Have you ever considered quitting the sport?

 No, I haven't, there have been some very hard times in my career but I still wouldn't give it up for the world I would be lost without it. 


 Which other riders do you admire?

 I admire Barry Sheene he is my all-time hero.  Also, he was one of the coolest and chilled out people I’ve ever seen.  My person I admire in this age of racing is Marc Marquez, he has taken racing to the next stage over the past few years.


 Who is your favourite competitor in the British Supersport Championships?

 I would say Graham Gowland but he has recently broke his leg testing.  Most of the triumph teams will be strong as they have really upped their game this season.  We will be strong this year also my aim is top 5 every race and to be consistent. 


 Which country did you favourite championship take place in?

 When I was racing in GP it was Malaysia.  I loved the track, the town and the people were amazing.  The Isle of Man is also the best you can't get a better rush than racing round there.


 Do you have an absolute favourite motorbike?

I don't have a favourite, as each year we are not sure which manufacturer we will be riding with.  Whatever bike I am offered to ride on will be my favourite for the year and I will respect that bike and love riding it for the whole year. 

We’d like to finish this post with a huge thank you to Danny for taking the time to talk with us about his motorbiking career, even with his busy schedule, and we wish him all the luck in the world with his upcoming races.

If you have any further questions about Danny, or the work he does, contact us on Facebook or Twitter or send us an email. We will get your questions to Danny as soon as possible.

Hope to see you at the British Super Sport Championships!