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Shipping Items - Bringing your Products to the Global Marketplace

Shipping Items - Bringing your Products to the Global Marketplace


The products are all ready, boxes have been taped shut, filled with bubble wrap and now sit in the warehouse. The only thing left to do is sit back and wait for your merchandise to be picked up and shipped to its destination.

This is the part where you no longer fully control the outcome of your product, and the safety of your merchandise is vital during this window of time. Here is what you need to know about your shipping options in order to put the power back into your hands.

Finding The Right Price

When looking for a courier for your shipping needs be sure to consult various provider websites in order to secure the best price. This may seem like an obvious suggestion but there are more shipping companies out there than one might think. Certainprivate couriers cater to specific districts and routes that make prices cheaper than more popular couriers offer. If you do not find a price that you deem reasonable, call the company and ask to negotiate prices, especially if you’re planning on becoming a regular customer.

Consumer Costs

Before agreeing to shipping costs, consider how much money you want to tack onto the retail price. You don’t want to lure customers in with seemingly cheap prices only for them to realise that the cost of shipping brings the purchase to a price out of their range. Do some market research and have an idea of how much customers are willing to pay for this new service. Jupiter Media Matrix Inc. found that 45% of companies that ship their products make money, 45% lose money, and the last 10% break even. Even if you don’t make money off of shipping fees you’ll still be selling product and growing the reach of your business.

Promotional Shipping

Without shipping costs each item purchased becomes much more appealing to customers.  Depending on the weight and destination of your shipments, it may be beneficial to offer occasional discounts on shipping for certain items or loyal customers.

Returns Exchanges

Not all customers will be thrilled with what they’ve just ordered. Perhaps they’ve made a mistake when purchasing or the goods were damaged during the shipping process. You now need to decide whether you want to offer free or discounted refunds for customers.

Shipping With Amazon

Streaming product through Amazon to your customers is one way to expand your target market. A contract with Amazon can provide an abundance of services that put your mind at ease. What’s most important to consider when shipping with Amazon is whether or not you want to use your own courier to ship to Amazon Fulfilment Centres , or you want Amazon to supply you with one.

Expanding your business means shipping far and wide to reach a larger consumer base. Take the time to consider how you want to handle the aforementioned variables.