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Guaranteed express delivery to Germany & my account updates

Guaranteed express delivery to Germany & my account updates

Following our previous update last month whereby you can now store payment details safely and securely whilst completing your booking in record time, we've added 2 new additional updates this month, a new guaranteed express delivery service and an account management update.

Guaranteed Express Delivery to Germany

Following successful trials, there's now an even faster way to get your goods collected and delivered to Germany. This new service called 'Premium Plus' is a Guaranteed express delivery service exclusively from the United Kingdom to Germany in just 2 days. It's worth just bearing in mind that whilst the majority of zipcodes are available for this service, there are some exclusions due thier locality. Terms and conditions apply and are subject to our terms and conditions of carriage. The addition of Premium Plus now takes our palletised freight delivery services to Germany to 3:

Services to Germany

Economy Delivery: 5 days from collection
Premium Delivers: 3 days from collection
Premium Plus Delivery: 2 days from collection

Credit Notes

There's another edition that you may not be aware in your account area. You are now able to access a copy of any credit notes to download and keep, that may of been applied to your order. These detail any part or full refunds that will be credited to your account (normally within 48 working hours). These can be found from your order page along with access to your manifest, labels or invoices.