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Find out how pallet shipments could save you time & money

Find out how pallet shipments could save you time & money

Whist people often think of pallets in relation to big companies with giant warehouses, pallet shipping is actually the perfect solution for many small businesses. In fact, no one is more concerned about saving on shipping costs than a small retailer or manufacturer. Superstar online retailer, Amazon, has even caught on to this and now offers their smaller suppliers the option to ship pallets to their fulfilment centres.

Small companies tend to automatically send parcels, not realising that shipping a pallet of items at a time could provide them with substantial costs savings. Independent manufacturers can combine boxes of a number of different items onto one pallet for shipment to retailers.

Even very small retailers often purchase a substantial amount from their top suppliers. A few bulky items like pillows and blankets would quickly add up to an oversized parcel that will be expensive to ship. Combining a few orders together and placing the boxes on a pallet means paying for a single shipment. This not only saves money, it simplifies tracking. Rather than trying to keep tally of a number of small shipments, everything arrives at once. This can also help small business schedule staff since, rather than many small shipments leaving or arriving sporadically, personnel can be scheduled to load or unload the pallets all at once. Manufacturers can gradually pack goods onto a pallet and then schedule a pickup and delivery once the pallet is full.

Besides being economical, pallet shipments are fast. European pallet deliveries from the UK takes only two days for premium services and three days for regular euro pallet deliveries. Pallet deliveries within the UK take as little as one day for premium service or two days for regular collections.

Part of the reason so many small companies haven’t caught on to pallet shipments is there is the perception that a forklift and large warehouse is required. In fact, almost every business can accommodate pallet shipments. Pallets can be loaded anywhere with easy access to the door. Small hand lefts allow pallets to be easily maneuverer in and out of small spaces. Truck lifts make it simply to load and unload pallets for delivery.

Euro pallet delivery has become an even more in demand now that the euro/pound exchange rate makes the EU even more attractive to UK manufacturers. Since the fall of the pound sterling following the Brexit vote, the UK has already seen an increase in manufacturing and exports.

Expect to see more companies following Amazon’s example of encouraging pallet shipments to their fulfilment centres, which makes it easier for brick and mortar retailers to balance inventories at their various locations and quickly restock as needed. For the smaller manufacturers, being able to combine shipments into pallet deliveries makes selling to these retailers more economical.

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