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An infographic about lift – Do you even lift, Bro? | National Pallets

An infographic about lift – Do you even lift, Bro? | National Pallets

We spend pretty much most of the day lifting, so that got us thinking… lift is the force that directly opposes weight, right?

So where in the F-scale (Fujita) would a Sharknado appear? 

Is the world's strongest woman - Becca Swanson stronger than the world's strongest man - Zydrunas Savickas? 

Would an ant win hands down in a lifting contest when put up against the mighty Gorilla?

Our latest infographic about lift provides an insight into the relationship between lift ratios versus weight:

Do you even lift, Bro?

Some key findings from our research include:

An average man

  • Weighs in at 88 kilograms
  • Can squat 57 kilograms
  • Can lift 0.65x of body weight


An average woman

  • Weighs in at 60 kilograms
  • Can squat 50 kilograms
  • Can lift 0.83x of body weight

World's strongest man - Zydrunas Savickas

  • Weighs in at 186 kilograms
  • Can squat 425 kilograms
  • Can lift 2.3x of body weight


World's strongest woman - Becca Swanson

  • Weighs in at 109 kilograms
  • Can squat 387.5 kilograms
  • Can lift 3.56x of body weight


  • Weighs in at 220 kilograms
  • Can lift 2,200 kilograms
  • Can lift 10x of body weight


Leafcutter ant

  • Weighs in at a whopping 0.0005 kilograms
  • Can lift 0.025 kilograms
  • Can lift 50x of body weight

A Colony of up to 8 million workers: can up lift up to 200,000 kilograms

Dung beetle

  • Weighs in at 0.002 kilograms
  • Can lift 2.282 kilograms
  • Can lift 1,141x of body weight

An average dairy cow

  • Delivers 67.1317 kilograms of poop. Every day

A Gorilla-sized dung beetle

  • Could lift 251,020 kilograms
  • Could lift the poop of 3,739 dairy cows - That's a load of CRAP!


For a tornado to lift a Great White shark it would need a minimum of:

  • Minimum of 127mph consistent vertical winds
  • That's almost a F3 tornado

Do you even lift, Bro?

Xibit - Yo Dawg! I heard you like to lift! So we put a lift on your lifted ride so you can be lifted whilst lifting!

Do you even lift your - car hydraulics?

  • 1964 Impala weighs in at 1,542 kilograms
  • An average forklift could lift a 2000 impala 4.27 meters before tipping over
  • The world's largest fork lift can lift up to 100 Tons

A few more tons and it could lift your mother

Cargo plane - the Antonov An-225 Mriya

  • Weighs in at (empty): 285,763 kilograms
  • Max take-off weight 580,598 kilograms

Check me out bro. I'm lifting a spaceship!>

Crane the Liebherr LR 13000

  • Weighs in at 100,697 kilograms
  • Can lift 2,721,554 kilograms
  • Can lift 27x more of its weight


In 24 hours pallet delivery company National Pallets and its partners:

  • Can lift 19,000 palletised pallets
  • Weighing in at 22,8000,000 kilograms per day

You'd need 91 Gorilla-sized Dung beetles to lift that match!

  • Number of lorries in and out of the hub per 24 day: 500
  • Weighs in 13,135,000 kilograms being total freight weight per day

It would take 525,4000,000 leaf cutter ants to ship that!

Yeah, we lift Bro.