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Life as a Trucker | Shipping to Europe

A Day In The Life Of A Road Freight Driver

Today’s manufacturing climate calls for holding the optimum levels of stock and the utilisation of a “just in time” philosophy. Which is all very well and good, but if you’re cutting it a little fine it can be a real relief when you spot that truck trundling into your place of business carrying that all important delivery from your supplier. There’s often little time for niceties, as the freight is rapidly off-loaded and whisked away to its destination. The driver receives a brief thankyou, a stamp or signature on paperwork and maybe a cuppa if there’s one on the go, before heading off to his or her next drop off.

They receive little accolade but being a road freight driver can be a tough life. Depending on whether they are a long haul or short haul driver they could have packages to deliver to several customers through busy city centre routes or could be pallet shipping to Europe and have a large load on-board that is headed from the UK to Germany.  Either way it can be a lonely life for a road freight driver.

Let us share a little about what they do and next time one pops in with your long-awaited load maybe you can treat them to a choccie biscuit to go with that cuppa.

Short Haul

Size matters when it comes to whether you are classed as a “short haul” or “long haul” trucker. Short haul truckers drive smaller trucks that can negotiate roads and city streets relatively well. Short-haul generally refers to delivering goods within the local area and a driver may spend all day traversing a city, picking up and dropping off at various points along a set route. They do get to head home after their shift (but it all starts again the next day)!

Long Haul

Long haul truckers operate the big rigs (they have a cab upfront to sit in) and carry large and heavy loads. Long-haul drivers are on the road for much longer periods of time (the freight company provides the schedule) and they may be away for a week or two at a time. They cover long distances and will travel all over, pallet shipping to Europe, with varied destinations from Portugal to France, Belgium and beyond. When it comes to getting a little shut eye, their cab is the lounge and bedroom combined and drivers do their best to make themselves as comfy as possible. Long haul drivers earn more but they are away from family for long periods. However, they do get to see more of the world and the freedom of the open road does sound appealing.

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