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Slovak Republic

Pallet delivery to Slovak Republic

Whether collecting or delivering a pallet of goods to or from Slovakia, it's now extremely easy thanks to the new service we are offering through National Pallets. As part of the UK's largest pallet network, you can rely on a safe, secure and reliable service to and from Slovakia every time, with the minimum amount of fuss. With us there's no need for extra documentation and your pallet is treated in exactly the same way as though it was being delivered in the UK.

Through our consignment tracking facility, you can track the pallet from the minute it's collected to the minute it's delivered and we'll even send you an email informing you when the pallet delivery has been made.

Slovakia is a republic in Central Europe and in surrounded by Poland, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. The main items Slovakia export are Machinery, Electrical Equipment,Base metals and Chemicals. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.

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We are able to ship the majority of goods to and from Slovakia, however there are some exclusions, these are listed below.

Restricted Items to Slovakia include:

Alcohol: An inventory must detail exact number and size of bottles, exact alcoholic strength in percent and value of each bottle. Tobacco, Tea, Coffee, Toilet waters, Perfumes Foodstuffs in large quantity. Electronic items: Computers, Media (cd's, videos dvd's blu-rays etc and Stereos, must show serial number and provide proof of purchase date). Large amounts of handcrafts, Aerosols, Hazardous goods in certain quantities.

Prohibited Items to Slovakia include:

Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, Drugs and Narcotics, Live Plants, Pornographic material, Radioactive material. Any protected animal or species ie. Ivory, Snakeskin, Leopard fur. Absinthe, Methyl alcohol and pure alcohol. Wine, Grape juice and other various food stuffs in large quantity. Paintball guns and air soft rifles.

*Orders must be placed before 11 am if importing or exporting to Slovakia to qualify for quoted time scales. Prices quoted based on quarter size pallet with economy options selected. Delivery & collection prices subject to VAT.