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What do I need to send a pallet outside the UK?


Before sending internationally, there are one or two things to take into consideration.

  • Is this business to business?
  • Do I have all the necessary information for the commercial invoice?
  • What is DDU?
  • Do we have contact information for your recipient?
  • Would someone be there at both collection and delivery point to assist the driver?


Is this business to business?

When sending internationally, we can only export pallets business to business. The reason for this we require a registered VAT number/EORI for customs to apply the necessary duties and taxes to the recipient. It is always the recipient responsibility to make sure these charges are paid, If a pallet was delayed because we did not have the recipients information; We could only advise that your recipient would need to contact the local customs in the destination country. Should the recipient not provide the relevant information customs will return your pallet and charges will be applied for the return.

Do I have all the necessary information for the commercial invoice?

To avoid any delays when your pallet arrives in customs it is essential that we capture all the necessary information. If you would like a template of an invoice, please request this with our live chat team.

Information we will require on the invoice;

  • Shippers VAT/EORI
  • Receivers VAT/EORI
  • Reason for Export
  • Signature from exporter and their position in the company

By providing these details during booking, this will help prevent any delays when going through customs. All items are sent under DDU (Direct Duties Unpaid).

What is DDU?

DDU means Direct Duties Unpaid this means when you are placing your order, all duties and taxes are applied by customs in the destination country. We do not pay the duties and taxes for any pallets leaving the United Kingdom, this will be the responsibility of your recipient to communicate with the local customs and ensure all additional fees are paid. Under no circumstances will customs release the pallet without the applicable fees being paid, should these fees not be paid, this will result in your parcel being returned.

If your pallet was to be returned a charge would be applied for the reroute of the pallet, the pallet would not be released from customs until this fee has been paid.

Do we have contact information for your recipient?

It is important when entering the details for your recipient these are entered accurately. Local customs will use these details for duties and tax payments. They will only contact numbers local to the destination country, under no circumstances will customs contact a United Kingdom phone number. This is similar with the email addresses used for your recipient, this must be a registered business email address and they will not contact a private email address. Failing to provide this information to customs may cause delays in your pallet being delivered or even stopped when entering customs. If taxes and duty payments are not made this would result in your pallet being returned and a charge will be applied for the account holder to pay.

Would someone be there at both collection and delivery point to assist the driver?

When booking a collection, it is important to make sure that there would be someone at the collection property when the driver arrives. This is required to sign the consignment note to confirm this had been collected. A driver will not lift any pallet unless instructed to, should there not be anyone available to assist the driver, the driver will be instructed to move on from the job and a failed collection fee will be applied. We would not attempt a second collection of the pallet until the fee had been paid.

It is also important that someone is available at the delivery point on the day of delivery. Again, the driver will not leave a pallet unattended and would require the consignment note signing to say this pallet had arrived. If the delivery failed because there was not someone to accept the pallet, a charge will be sent to the account holder for the failed delivery attempt. A second attempt of delivery would not be made until this charge had been paid. If this charge was not paid, the delivery depot may return this item and add an additional charge for the return.

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