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What is PrePay?


What is PrePay and how can I use it?

PrePay is a really useful way of saving you time when you're booking your deliveries online. It allows you to pay into your National Pallets account in advance of placing your orders and then use this credit to pay for orders, without having to put in your payment details each time. 

PrePay is especially useful for users who are regularly sending a lot of items. You save a few minutes each and every time you book, which soon adds up over the months and years that you'll be building your online business. It also helps you budget for your shipping in advance, relieving you of any stress that might normally be involved in financing your shipping.


What is PrePay?

PrePay is a unique service that allows you to add funds to your National Pallets account before you book.

- Faster Booking.

- Easier Payments.


How do I top up?

Register with National Pallets

- Log into your account and click 'PrePay Balance' in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

- Enter the amount you wish to top up.

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