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How should I measure my pallet size?


You need to measure all of the dimensions of your item once it is packaged and palletised.

You will need to know the length, width and height of your pallet in centimetres (CM) as well as the weight in kilograms (KG).

The length needs to be taken at the longest point of the consignment.

For example, if the item is overhanging the pallet, then the length of the item will need to be measured rather than the pallet.

The height needs to be measured from the floor to the top of the consignment as it must include the height of the pallet.

The size is based on a combination of the weight and dimensions.

If either one of the weight or dimensions exceed those specified for a certain pallet size, then you would need to move to the next size – even if the other is still lower then specified.

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