Send a light pallet from £47.00 exc VAT

Quarter Pallet

Quarter Pallet

Length 120cm ┃ Width 100cm ┃ Height 220cm

Light Pallets

National Pallets offers light pallet delivery to the UK and Europe, with a range of premium and standard delivery options available. Light pallet delivery is a service that is continuing to increase in demand with a number of small and large businesses that are trading within Europe. 

Light Pallet Sizes

Our light pallet delivery is designed for heavyweight consignments with a maximum weight of 750kg. Sending light pallets via a standard courier service has never been easier, especially when you use National Pallets. 

By entering a few simple details, you can get a quick quote for your light pallet delivery.  All you have to do is choose the time scale and price that suits you and we will look after the rest.

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Pallet Prices

Pallet Weight Price
250kg Standard Quarter Pallet £37.80 exc VAT
500kg Standard Half Pallet £44.80 exc VAT
1000kg Standard Full Pallet £49.80 exc VAT

What else do you need to know...


Do I need to deal with customs when shipping a pallet from the UK to Europe?

Yes. When you ship a pallet to Europe, your shipment will be subject to customs regulations and fees. National Pallets will send you all the documentation you need once you complete your booking with us.


How much does it cost to send a light pallet?

You can send a standard light pallet (up to 750kg) for as little as £47.00 ex VAT. For more information on pallet delivery prices, click here to get a quote.


How long will it take to deliver my pallet?

Standard delivery time to within the UK is two days, or a one day premium service is available. Within Europe delivery time will vary depending on destination, both standard and premium services are available. For an exact time frame enter the details into the quick quote tool.

What items can I send?

Before booking your light pallet, please ensure that you carefully read the following list of restricted and prohibited items:

Restricted items include:

• Appliances and Electronics must state the serial number, make and model on them

• New items (less than 6 months old) or items not showing any obvious signs of use

• Tobacco

• Antiques

• Alcohol & Wine

• Inheritance

• Works of Art

Prohibited items include:

• Narcotics

• Subversive Material

• Games of Chance or any gambling paraphernalia

• Perishable foodstuffs

• Firearms

• Explosives

• Ammunition and war instruments