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  1. What is a Pallet?

    A pallet is a flat transportable structure made generally from wood, occasionally plastic, design... (read more)

  2. Do the goods have to be palletised (put on a pallet) and what type of goods are suitable?

    Yes, to enable you to use National Pallet services, the goods must be transported using a pallet.... (read more)

  3. Where to get a pallet?

    We always highly recommend customers to always pre-palletise their pallets prior collection. Y... (read more)

  4. Can National Pallets provide pallets?

    Yes, we can. Once you have entered all the necessary details an empty pallet can be requested by ... (read more)

  5. Why the different pallet sizes?

    Although it may seem a little confusing, by offering the different pallet sizes, we can offer you... (read more)

  6. What is an oversized pallet?

    An oversized pallet is, as you would expect, a pallet outside the dimensions quoted of 1 m x 1.2 ... (read more)

  7. Do I need to put an address label on my pallet?

    Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email which will contain the tracking number... (read more)

  8. What is Extended Insurance?

    For an extra payment of £55 plus VAT we can arrange for goods to be insured up to a value o... (read more)