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  1. How are you going to get the pallet off the vehicle?

    All collection and delivery vehicle's carry pallet trucks and the vehicles are fitted with tail l... (read more)

  2. Do you provide fork-lift services at delivery?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer fork-lift services for collection or delivery. All collection and ... (read more)

  3. What access is needed for deliveries?

    It is important to make sure the vehicle will fit down your road before you request a collection ... (read more)

  4. What happens if I miss my delivery?

    The price paid is for one collection / delivery attempt. Commercial vehicles are not cheap to run... (read more)

  5. Can you provide tracking information for delivery?

    Yes, we can. Once the pallet is collected and back at the collecting depot, the pallet will have ... (read more)

  6. Are the delivery dates guaranteed?

    Unfortunately, in transport things can happen that are totally out of our control. Although 99% o... (read more)

  7. Do I sign for the goods if they have arrived damaged?

    In the unlikely event your goods arrive damaged, please sign the delivery note to accept the good... (read more)

  8. European Deliveries and Contact Numbers

    With European deliveries it is vital we have a complete address and a contact telephone number. T... (read more)

  9. Engine deliveries to Europe.

    Due to recent changes within our network, engine collection and deliveries within Europe now have... (read more)

  10. Delivery Restrictions

    Deliveries cannot be made on to soft ground such as grass, gravel or soil, to a premise where it ... (read more)

  11. What do I do if my Pallet has arrived Damaged?

    In the unlikely event your pallet has arrived damaged we do advise for the recipient to sign for ... (read more)