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Creating a Better Environment for Business | Pallet Delivery

Creating a Better Environment for Business | Pallet Delivery

Fostering a positive work environment is mutually beneficial for employees and employers. Turning your company into a place that people enjoying working at means that you’ll not only retain workers, but you’ll be able to attract better talent. If an employer shows that they care about the wellbeing of their employees, their workforce will in turn work harder and put more care into their work. Sometimes the route to efficiency is unorthodox, but just because a certain practice is unconventional doesn’t mean it’s wrong; it just might mean it’s innovative. Here are just some ways to improve a company’s work atmosphere.

Give Employees a Voice

The standard job asks that employees dedicate large sums of their time to their work. To give these employees the motivation to care deeply about their work, why not give them more company influence? No matter what department your employees work in they should always have a say as to how things are being run. To not heed the advice of employees make them feel stripped of their value. Instead, employees should be empowered with responsibility and given the opportunity to not only prove themselves, but surprise themselves. When employees are empowered, they feel valued and more connected with those around them, including their employers.

An Inquisitive Environment

Exciting, progressive companies do not discourage questions. Leaving a stone of information unturned means being uninformed. Companies that encourage questions are less prone to error and are hotbeds of new ideas. Questioning the established processes and structures with intelligent, creative and constructive investigation, can prove hugely important to a business. A business is often replete with untapped talent – what if you could extract that resource without even looking beyond the walls of your own office or warehouse?

A Creative Incentive

Leading tech companies such as Google have pioneered a unique form of incentive that other companies at the SME level are now adopting. When it comes to manual labour, incentivising employees with bonuses is known to be an efficient tool. However, this motivating factor loses its appeal once applied to jobs that require complex thinking. A novel form of incentive that’s slowly being accepted is the allowance of ‘free time’ where employees are given work time to work on projects on their own. This allows employees the chance to pursue projects they find motivating while still working towards a goal that’s beneficial for the company.

The next time you’re thinking about purchasing a case of sugar-stuffed doughnuts for your employees, consider if perhaps there’s a more essential way in which you could be both engendering loyalty and harnessing talent.

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