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How Introducing Pallets Can Improve Sustainability for SMEs

How Introducing Pallets Can Improve Sustainability for SMEs

Due to COVID-19, social distancing rules and workplace shutdowns affecting the business environment in 2020, pallets are still playing a critical role in the smooth running of supply chains. Pallet delivery and packaging has played a key part in supply chains for vital goods including foods and medicines moving and this has been proved during the various coronavirus lockdown measures across Europe.

With businesses now gradually moving out of lockdown, they are starting to think about how their business model affects the environment. There isn’t a corner of the business world that hasn’t been touched by the push to operate more sustainably, and pallets should be no exception. SMEs have to consider pallets as an important component in a systems approach to the supply chain. They’re also a crucial part of many companies’ sustainability strategies based on the recyclability of materials and the use of the assets. 

With consumer expectations increasing all the time, they’re also looking for brands and retailers to genuinely consider the environment in their operations. Managing pallets sustainably helps companies meet customer expectations while reducing their environmental impact. 


Should Businesses Move to Plastic Pallets?

Plastic pallets in many cases are made from recyclable material and can last up to 15 years without repair in some supply chains. At the end of the pallet’s lifecycle, it can be ground up and the plastic can be reused for a new pallet or another product. 

Pallets built with sustainability in mind are also higher-quality units as they are more likely to be dimensionally consistent with standard sizes that align with materials handling equipment. Stable dimensions also reduce breakage and resulting damage to the product that could be onboard. 

Plastic pallets are also valued for hygiene reasons - wooden pallets need to be treated and have higher standards for international shipping, due to the possibility for untreated wood to carry pests. They are easier to clean and sanitize, meeting health and requirements for food and pharmaceutical users which will be crucial post-lockdown.


Can Plastic Pallets Increase Innovation?

With pallet delivery companies across the globe now choosing to invest in plastic pallets, there is uncertainty as to whether wooden pallets will stand the test of time. Pallet makers ORBIS say they can recycle 10 to 20 times the number of trips that wooden pallets can manage. 

Businesses that have already taken the step towards sustainability initiatives are now heading to the next level and adding crucial steps including removing waste from their transportation networks and working with their pallet providers to achieve these goals. 

Driven by a desire for innovation and environmental responsibility, the pallet industry has embraced an ever-evolving economy whenever possible. Reducing waste in manufacturing, usage and transportation will deliver economic benefits while at the same time respecting the sustainable world. 


Sustainability With National Pallets

As one of the leading pallet delivery companies in the industry, we are always working on how we can be more sustainable to help both our customers and our industry. As SMEs continue into post-lockdown regulations, pallet delivery should be a forefront of their innovative strategy. 

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