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Overseas shipping delays - Disruption at the channel tunnel in France

Overseas shipping delays - Disruption at the channel tunnel in France

The following is an advisory to all customers sending and receiving items from Europe. This article is meant to offer a quick and informative guide to the current immigration crisis as it affects and delays trade routes. Especially in Calais, France’s port of entry to the UK, heavy shipment delays are to be expected. This is affecting all movement of travellers and goods.

As one of the leading delivery services in the UK, National Pallets has an extensive network of trustworthy drivers throughout Britain and Europe. This allows us to offer the most reliable possible service, however, due to the nature of ground shipping we cannot always guarantee delivery times as obstructions and border stops can cause unexpected delays. Please visit our FAQ page for more information.


In Calais, the Eurostar is the fastest transport into Britain. As such thousands of asylum seekers push through police imposed barricades and, night after night, they make a dash for the tunnel. Find out more by reading the BBC news report . Because Calais is one of Britain’s most important trading points into Europe, transport has been severely affected.

Expect delays

While we do our utmost to provide a committed and timely service, we must make it absolutely clear that there is a strong possibility that international shipments will be held up. As these matters are out of our hands, we strongly recommend our customers to stay well informed on the issues affecting Europe and its trade routes.

Businesses are advised to notify overseas clientele of the potential delays, and make arrangements accordingly. Thank you for choosing National Pallets as your courier, and thank you for bearing with us through these difficult times.

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