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3 tips for small businesses saving on pallet delivery

3 tips for small businesses saving on pallet delivery

As a small business owner it’s imperative that you are able to find value and reduce expenditure wherever possible without compromising your service or productivity.

Yet every transaction carries a direct or indirect cost, so how effective you are at establishing and maintaining efficiency is absolutely vital to the success of your operations and business.

And if you are the kind of business that is regularly shipping to parts of the UK – or elsewhere – as part of your essential practice, then this necessity for efficiency and optimisation in your operations is even more crucial.

1. A tonne of feathers weighs more than a tonne of bricks

Time isn’t the only thing that costs money - so does space - and a pallet of boxed feathers will cost more than a pallet of boxed bricks. This is a question of volumetric weight, which is a calculation that combines the weight, height and volume of your consignment. So in order to keep your deliveries cost-efficient, packaging is key, as is an understanding of the principles that underlie volumetric weight.

2. A pound in time saves nine

A successful business can not afford to employ an unreliable shipping service – your courier must be able to deliver your pallets on time. So put your faith in an established courier that offers free insurance, tracking information, and an excellent track record of on-time delivery.

3. Be a good Cub Scout

Be prepared. Within your organisation and among your customers and partners, everybody should be aware of and understand your policies regarding shipping. This is so that the workforce is clear and organised on the correct procedure no matter the circumstances, and so that customers and partners know that if, for example, they suddenly require a Premium Plus delivery, that they take on board any additional cost.