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Securing Your Palletised Goods І Pallet Delivery

Securing Your Palletised Goods І Pallet Delivery

Pallet shipping is the most secure way to ground ship your items throughout the UK and Europe. Pallets keep items steady. All well and good, but pallets are basically stumpy tables, and things get knocked off of tables. Now that isn’t to say we recommend shrink wrapping your dinner plate to a table, but pallets are going to get knocked around a bit more.

When you send items to Europe, expect them to be changed to different trucks throughout their journey. So what do you need to do to avoid goods slipping, sliding and getting damaged? It’s all in how you stack and secure. There are two main ways to secure items to a pallet. There are ratchet straps, which are great at securing things like engine parts. Then there’s plastic shrink wrap, which is great at securing boxes. Which you choose to secure your goods will depend on what you ship. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide.

It’s all about stacking

If you loved playing Tetris, think of how fun it’s going to be to stack your pallet. Probably less fun, and more arduous – but doing it right will save you money and tears – and that’s always fun! If it’s an oddly shaped contraption like an engine or motorcycle there’s not much to stack, just be sure it’s well centred. If you’re shipping boxes and containers leave absolutely no spaces between them. Pack bottom-heavy; this is probably the most important rule to follow. Next, be aware of the couriers’ pallet dimensions and width and height allowance. Make an approximate measurement of your items before stacking them. If anything hangs over the edge it can get damaged. No – it will get damaged!

Letting ratchet straps help you

Ratchet straps get under, around and over your items. Use ratchet straps to secure heavy, uneven items like engine parts and gearboxes. Let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t shrink wrap your bike. It just wouldn’t look right.

Plastic shrink wrap, isn’t that stuff annoying?!

You’re full from a hearty dinner. There’s still food, time to put those leftovers in the fridge. You reach for the cling film. Damn! It’s stuck to the role. Where does it start? You tear away hoping one end or another will make an appearance. The box it came in is torn and the blades are too dull to accomplish even a tear. No luck, and now it’s just a mess. Luckily, the plastic shrink wrap you’ll be using to secure your goods is thicker and a little easier to keep on the role. The cutting blades are a lot sharper for one thing. With all that well-founded clear plastic hatred what’s so great about using it to secure your boxes? Do you know how hard it is to get out of that stuff once it’s been wrapped around something a couple of times? Nearly impossible, in fact you’ll need a box cutter just to remove it. Plastic shrink wrap will hold on to your boxes, keep them centre-weighted on your pallet, and, if you’re shipping produce, you have the added advantage of sealing the cold air.

When you choose your courier service, be sure to check their packing requirements. They might even have a few useful tips to share!