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Recycling old pallets

Recycling old pallets

Whilst pallets have an extremely long life span, there does come a time when they are no longer fit for purpose. They are relatively easy to replace, however then you are left with what to do with the old ones.

Pallets can be reused for a variety of things rather than sitting and gathering dust in your shed or slowly rotting in a landfill site. Because pallets need to be so durable, they are made with a high grade of wood, meaning even when they start to break or look a little shabby – they can be given a breath of new life without too much hassle.

The internet is full of thousands of different tips and tricks for recycling your old pallets into new furniture both for in your garden and around your home, as well as ideas for getting rid of your pallets in other ways.

Whether you need a new sofa, some garden furniture or even a book shelf, recycling your old pallets can refurnish your house for a lot less. Pallets can even be used to build child sand pits, vertical vegetable gardens and even for cheap and easy storage solutions.

Pallets can also be used to burn throughout the summer, if you have a fire pit in your garden or find yourself camping with your kids throughout the school holidays. Fire wood can be costly so if you and your family love nothing better than sharing stories around the camp fire, save your old pallets (or offer to take someone else’s off them) and cut them up for a cheap alternative.

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