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Mandatory CARP Enrollment – We’ve Done It for You!

Mandatory CARP Enrollment – We’ve Done It for You!


On 1st September all customers who sell via Amazon will have to start using the CARP booking system for their deliveries to Amazon. The system has been in place for quite a while but Amazon are now enforcing it with all their customers.

Carrier Appointment Request Portal (CARP)

Amazon is making CARP’s use mandatory, explaining that the “…portal reduces the time taken by vendor-paid carriers to schedule appointments at Amazon Fulfilment Centers (FCs) and provides a standard process for scheduling appointments to any Amazon FC.”

As a result, companies shipping to Amazon FCs can no longer coordinate directly with the FC to set up a delivery time and, unfortunately, Amazon has not made it overly easy for customers to enrol with the CARP system. If you have a look at the Amazon forums, you’ll find a number of threads where costumers have been discussing the many obstacles faced when trying to create a CARP account.

SCAC Number

The SCAC number seems to be the most problematic to find. The SCAC used to be a code specific to American shippers however, the new CARP system requires those outside the US to use it as well. In order to find your SCAC number you need to have your PO number handy. This number can be found in your FBA shipments listed as the ‘Amazon Reference ID.’ Make sure that when you begin setting up your account you’re registering as a carrier/seller and not a vendor.

National Pallets are Already Enrolled in CARP!

Happily, National Pallets have already run the gauntlet and enrolled with CARP for you. So, if you need a courier to deliver to Amazon and are struggling with the new booking system, we’ve got you covered – contact us today and we’ll make sure you get your shipment sent hassle-free!