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Choosing the best courier service

Choosing the best courier service

Businesses send and receive millions of packages every year across the UK. Competition to be the UK’s leading delivery service is stiff. With an large number of ways to send goods, the first consideration will be the safest and most reliable way of getting those goods out. One of the best practices for small to medium size businesses is to choose pallet deliveries. Pallets are sturdy, and ground shipping routes are well established throughout the UK and in Europe. National Pallets is one of the leading pallet delivery services in the industry. To find out what makes us stand out in a competitive market, take a look at the services you should come to expect from one of the most trusted names in shipping.

Same-day pick up

With same-day pick up, send items the moment they need to go out. National Pallets will send a truck to your business, all you have to do is prepare. Read our website for more details on how to prepare you pallet for delivery and pick up requirements. With same-day pick up you can rest assured that your items are being delivered and that you are keeping your promise to your customers.

Tracking number

The moment your items have been palletized and on the truck, we send you an email outlining all of your shipping details along with a tracking number which you can input on our website any time while items are in transit. Additionally, if you have a free account set up, simply login and you will be able to see your tracking number. Know exactly where your items are and you can communicate the details back to your clients.

Pallet supply

If you or your business does not have pallets already, fear not - National Pallets can supply one with the driver for a minimal fee of £12.50. Be sure to have measured the items you wish to ship beforehand. Know the height of items you will be stacking and have a rough idea of the weight in order for us to prepare the truck accordingly.

Good reviews

The shipping industry is a very competitive field. The market is saturated with courier services vying for your business. Read reviews and be informed. Ask yourself what kind of products you will be shipping and which services you will be calling on most often. Pallet shipping carries big advantages as almost any kind of item can be delivered on this sturdy platform, from stoves to porcelain dolls. Be sure to pack well and attach items securely for safe shipping and handling.

Clear pricing

Cost efficiency is top priority for any individual or business banking on success. No business can stay afloat if they are spending where they could be saving. Compare prices, National Pallets offers competitive pricing. On our website we state clearly our prices and fees. Shipping costs vary and an exact figure cannot be quoted until the weight, item’s dimensions, number of items and destination have been selected. To help you plan and budget, we show you what items are being shipped by our customers and how much they paid - so browse our site to see a wide variety of items currently being delivered throughout the UK and Europe.


National Pallets has over 25 years of experience in the haulage industry and we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. We are an industry leader in pallet shipping and part of the UK’s number one pallet network. Trust us to know the best and safest routes throughout Britain and Europe.

When choosing the best courier service, look for honesty and experience. With over 25 years in the industry, National Pallets is a name your business can rely on!