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4 Big Benefits of Shrink Wrapping your Pallets

4 Big Benefits of Shrink Wrapping your Pallets

Palletising is one of the safest ways you can transport goods. Pallets lift your items onto a steady platform and when packed well, hold everything together, even when you ship internationally and your inventory might be reloaded onto several new trucks. Almost anything can be sent on a pallet. This is the advantage of ground shipping the bulk of your stock. Shrink wrapping can further secure the items on your pallet. Here are some reasons you may consider for using shrink wrap to pack your pallet.

Benefit #1: prevent sliding packages

Pallets are carefully loaded and unloaded horizontally using a pallet jack or a forklift. Most of the time this means your items are safe. Now and again though an accident might be unavoidable. The prongs of the forklift, for instance, may not have been properly placed through all the way. Shrink wrap is strong and will hold your items tight. Packing with shrink wrap helps the items to be kept close together. This means the weight of all the products are distributed together on the center of the pallet. An accident is more likely preventable when the whole contents are less likely to slide off.

Benefit #2: keep your produce fresh

Shrink wrap is the ideal way to pack fresh goods and produce. This is because air-tight spaces will keep in the cold from the refrigeration and keep out any unwelcome critters. Additionally, if your pallets are evenly weighted, your fresh fruit and veg aren’t moving around in their boxes as much. Eliminating this common cause of bruising means less food waste. And less food wasted is good for business and good for the planet!

Benefit #3: keep your boxes from getting torn

Keeping your boxes well sealed should be top priority. You don’t want anything coming in or falling out. You might be shipping small items like jewellery, a small hole can cause items to fall out and get lost on a bumpy road or highway. Delicate items could get scuffed and fresh produce like fruit and veg might be exposed to outside contaminants. Shrink wrap is very tough and durable. Anything you can do to keep your boxes protected is advisable.  

Benefit #4: Prevent spills

Shipping your items to a warehouse or an Amazon Fulfillment distribution centre? You might trust optimum conditions at your facility, but it is possible for water to seep through during wetter seasons. Additionally, liquids can be accidentally spilled during long journeys. Shrink wrap will be effective at keeping out any unwanted liquids.

If you wish to make reliable delivery of your goods a top priority, consider shrink wrap for your palletised items.