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27 Nov '15 Drinks United Kingdom Spain £244.56
27 Nov '15 Engine - Existing Client OL16 DA18 £49.46
27 Nov '15 Beverage Powder Germany United Kingdom £245.88
27 Nov '15 60M2 Flooring Tiles United Kingdom France £263.11

National Pallets is a business dedicated to the shipment of palletised goods. Everything you need to know about pallets and pallet courier distribution can be found on this website, from what a pallet is, to how to prepare and ship your goods on a pallet, to the pallet delivery services we offer.

National Pallets are one of the UK and Europe's largest online pallet delivery service providers. We have over 25 years of experience in the haulage industry and are part of the UK's number one pallet network with over 150 members throughout the UK and Europe. Because of the experience we have we will always give you an honest answer as to whether an item is suitable to go through a pallet network and give you the advice you may need as to how to pack and secure the item.

The main difference between us and our competitors is that we care. The goods we are shipping are your goods and we never forget that. We cannot guarantee that everything will go 100% to plan, as this is transport and vehicles do break down and do get stuck in traffic jams, but one thing we can guarantee is that if there is a problem, you will get our full attention until the issue is resolved.

The software that drives the National Pallets site is second to none. A lot of time and energy has gone into not only how the site looks but how it works behind the scenes. We are always striving to improve the site and also the service we give. We are always willing to listen to what our customers have to say and welcome any feedback.

We are very approachable and love to talk to you, so please pick up the phone and give us a ring on 0345 260 1086.

The concept of a Pallet network was first devised in the late 1980's. A pallet network is a co-operative group of haulage companies which deliver loads of palletised goods from their region into a central hub and return to their region with an aggregated load comprising of pallets from the other areas of the country. This has the advantage of allowing relatively small pallet loads to be delivered cost effectively and quickly. The way in which we shop has also driven the networks to change and with so many of us using the Internet, not just for small items but for large items, home delivery has become a large part of the network business.

At National Pallets, we can offer you not only delivery to any part of the UK but we can also offer a delivery service to Eire, Jersey, Guernsey and all the islands of the UK. We offer a service to eight European countries. France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Unlike most other pallet delivery companies, the service we offer works in exactly the same way as it does in the UK. We do not use a sub contractor, which means your pallet is still fully track and traceable on the same system we use for the UK. At any given time, we can tell you where the pallet is without the need to phone another transport company and wait for them to give us the answer to our question. It also means if there are any delays, we know about them immediately. We do not need you to supply us any paperwork for customs and all you need to do is book the pallet and sit back and wait for it to be delivered, it's that simple.

A pallet is a flat transportable structure made generally from wood, occasionally plastic, designed to support a variety of goods giving stability to an item whilst in transit. Goods must be placed securely on the pallet using strapping or shrink wrap plastic film. It is essential the goods are secured in this way to ensure they do not move during transit.

You would be amazed at some of the items suitable to go through a pallet network, anything from domestic appliances, motor spares, engines (with the oil drained) , building materials, furniture, the list is endless. The only items we are not able to carry is hazardous goods. If you're unsure please phone us on 0345 260 1086.

Not everyone has a pallet sitting in their back garden, which is why we can supply one for a small additional charge of £12.50 plus VAT. When booking your order just tick the empty pallet required box and the driver will bring one with him when he come to collect the goods. It is not the drivers responsibly to place the item on the pallet, or to secure it.

Got more questions then why not head over to our frequently asked questions page for more answers to your common questions.

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by Peter Feeney - 20 Nov 2015

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by Andrew Meek - 18 Nov 2015

Wow what a fantastic service! From start to finish you kept me informed. Th...

by Kelly Attwood - 17 Nov 2015

We were really pleased with your service and will definitely use your again...

by Deborah Tarry - 14 Nov 2015

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