Pallet Delivery to Ireland make it very easy and straight forward to collect and deliver pallets to and from the Republic of Ireland, also known as Eire, Southern Ireland. As the UK's largest online pallet distribution company you can reply on a safe, secure and reliable delivery service which once booked, means you can sit back and let us do the work. There is no need for extra documentation, your pallet is treated as though it is being delivered within the UK.

Through our consignment tracking facility, you can track the pallet from the minute it is collected to the minute it is delivered and we'll even send you an email informing you when the delivery has been made.

Why not request a free instant online quote, we think you will be surprised at how cheap sending an pallet to Ireland can be.

Delivery & Collection Services to Ireland*


Time critical delivery needed? Combine with our premium collection option for our fastest delivery service available.

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Our cheapest delivery service when combined with an economy collection.

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Recent Pallets delivered to Ireland

Date Description From To Cost
22 Jan '18 8Kw Medium Wave Infra-Red Heater United Kingdom Ireland £103.56
22 Jan '18 Floor Cleaning Machine And Vacuum Cleaner. United Kingdom Ireland £116.86
19 Jan '18 Engineering Spares United Kingdom Ireland £107.41
19 Jan '18 Ride On Mower United Kingdom Ireland £144.46

Restrictions on delivery pallets to Ireland

We are able to ship the majority of goods to and from Ireland, however there are some exclusions, these are listed below.

Restricted Items to Ireland include:

Powdered milk for babies, food for children and special medical food (including pet food) that need to be refrigerated prior to use. Coats, fur and leather shoes made of protected animals. Alcohol - An inventory must detail exact number and size of bottles, exact alcoholic strength in percent and value of each bottle. Carbon paper, except for type writer carbon paper that must be described on the customs declaration as follows 'Typewriter carbon paper coated with wax and containing no oxidizable or fatty substances'. Importation of teas is subject to certain customs regulations. Fruit,vegetables and other food stuffs,plants and seeds and certain pharmaceutical products are subject to special regulations. The following are subject to quota regulations and require an import licence: Boots and shoes,brushes,electrical lamp bulbs,screws,tapered thread,felt hats and caps,brushes and mops, wheaten flour and any commodity or product of wheat,rubber proof wearing apparel,sparking plugs and component parts,silk and artificial silk hose and certain woven fabrics

Prohibited Items to Ireland include:

Protected animal species ie. Ivory, tortoise shell,coral,reptile skin and wood from the Amazonian forests. Arms and Weapons Hay,Straw,including articles made of straw Human Remains Live Plants or animals Peat moss litter except under licence Prison made goods Safety fuses: Fireworks Tobacco,cigars or cigarettes packed with other articles. Cut and compressed,sweetened or adulterated tobacco

*Orders must be placed before 11 am if importing or exporting to Ireland to qualify for quoted time scales. Prices quoted based on quarter size pallet with economy options selected. Delivery & collection prices subject to VAT.