Inside Track: Brew Tea Company

22 of October 2014 | By Susan Brooks | Posted in Inside Track

Inside Track: Brew Tea Company

Next up in our feature series 'Inside Track' are the Brew Tea Company. The incredibly social, rather loose leaf, brew-crew believe that tea should be better and are helping to educate and deliver a proper cup of tea. Didn't catch our previous interview from the series? Then you can check that out here.

What got you started in Tea?

We're three years old in February, we started supplying teas to museums in Liverpool & found a way of making our passion for supplying great tea a business. We wanted to make asking for a cup of tea out of the house a less daunting experience and to ban those stainless steel leaky catering teapots that have people opting for coffee instead!

How have National Pallets helped The Brew Tea Company?

Loose Leaf Tea Palletised

Good old Google - we needed to send our first couple of pallets to Marston's Breweries and needed it to be exactly right so we gave NP a chance & booked it in. 

The first chap who came to collect was super friendly so we used them for all of our next deliveries, making cups of tea for drivers as they came to collect along the way. 

Sue, Chivaun & Maya have been really great and sorted us out last week when there was a mix up with deliveries and worked really hard to help us correct our mistake - so we've never wanted to look elsewhere for deliveries.

We all love a #Shelfie, so what's the Hall of Fame?

#shelfie hall of fame Brew Tea Co.

When we launched our retail boxes last year, we still wanted to be able to find out who our customers are, so we asked them to take shelfies when they bought our teabags. 

We then created a Hall Of Fame for the first folks - they've just had their box of goodies in the last couple of weeks to thank them for being awesome.





TeaCards making a comeback?

We want drinking tea to be fun, and we want to be able to keep in touch with everyone who drinks our tea. We don't want it to be too stuffy, or 'pinkies up' - we want them to get behind really good quality whole leaf tea just like they've demanded excellent coffee. And we want them to know how to make a proper cup of tea for their friends, cousins - or indeed bosses! 

Tea Cards by Brew Tea Co.Brew Tea Co. Tea BagsBrew Tea Co. Logo

What's next for the Brew Tea Company?

We're really excited to launch our loose leaf tea retail this autumn - we've got some great support from local independents and from some great retailers. For us there's also the opportunity to really drive hotels, cafés, restaurants and attractions to deliver proper tea - so we want more venues like National Museums Liverpool or Dart's Farm who've really gotten behind loose leaf tea, serve it well and get to do really amazing things with it like iced tea or Earl Grey panna cotta. 

Doing tea properly {using rolled, whole leaves, brewing it at the right time and the right temperatures} is really starting to take traction and we're really excited for the next few years!

Christopher Berry
Factory Twenty One

We think that building relationships with local businesses is very important; this is why we are regular contributors to #SussexHour, a weekly tweet chat that enables National Pallets to connect with other companies in and around Sussex. We answered a tweet from Factory Twenty One, a local eco-friendly household products manufacturer looking for pallets for a design project. We offered to help and after speaking with them directly, arranged for the 

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