What can you ship through National Pallets?

11 of November 2011 | By Susan Brooks | Posted in FAQs

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and yet the answer is very simple, if it fits on a pallet we can move it!

You would be amazed at what fits on a pallet, so here are just a few examples to get you thinking.

  • Car parts - Engines, Body parts, Wheels, Tyres, Gearboxes.
  • Gardening Products - Bulk bags of soil, bark, gravel, garden machinery
  • Domestic Appliances - Washing Machines, dishwashers, Fridge Freezers
  • Print Material, Packaging, Boxed Goods

With Auction sites like Ebay Preloved, ebid and many others opening up the market for people to buy online, the one issue winning bidders have is how to collect the item they have bought. A common misconception is pallet delivery is business to business only. A few years ago this was the case but now I would say 50% of all deliveries we do are to residential addresses. Another issue is what to put the goods on - the empty pallet problem, not many people have them lying around in their gardens and really have no idea where to get one from. We at National Pallets recognise this and that is why for a small fee we can arrange for a pallet to be brought with the driver when he collects the goods. It is important the goods are packaged correctly to ensure they travel well during transit.  For guidance on how to package your goods correctly please read our packing requirements.

If you are unsure where an item is suitable to be shipped through National Pallets please contact us on 0845 260 2086 (calls charge at local rate) or email us at sales@nationalpallets.co.uk.

By Susan Brooks

Susan Brooks is Managing Director National Pallets. With a track record in delivering high levels of transparent customer care and satisfaction in the transport and logistics sector since 1988. Connect via Google+ or LinkedIn.

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